Primary School

The primary level follows the International Primary Curriculum, founded in 1998. It is a new curriculum especially developed for international primary schools. It is rigorous, practical and good fun. It helps children develop subject knowledge, skills and understanding, contributes towards their personal development and, uniquely, builds the development of international understanding into the formal curriculum.

The IPC includes learning goals/standards for assessment for every curriculum subject, personal development and international understanding. It provides over 70 thematic units of work packed with practical work for the teachers and children. These activities are based on the latest brain-based research including learning styles and multiple intelligences.

The subjects included in the IPC are: Science, History, Geography, Art, ICT, P.E. Music, Personal Development and International Issues.

English is linked to the IPC but also has its own programme including the skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Mathematics is linked to the IPC but also has its own programme.
The programmes used in Primary are compatible to any International programme around the world.

Official IPC website:

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