Mr Piotr Sudoł - Project: Nowak's Africa

In 2010, we invited Mr Piotr Sudoł, who is one of the originators of an extraordinary project called “Nowak’s Africa”, and Mr Sławek Ciołczyk, one of the participants in this relay expedition across 17 African countries. Our guests gave us an awesome presentation based on their experiences. It fully reflected the beauty of Africa and the hospitality of its citizens, as well the level of difficulty of travelling by bike, on horseback, in a canoe, on foot and on a camel’s back. The relay expedition started in November 2009 and it will end at the end of the year 2011. The travellers are following the route of a great Polish explorer, Kazimierz Nowak, who was the first man in the world to cover this route in a solo expedition in the 1930s. It was fascinating to see the equipment needed during such an amazing expedition, including a three-wheeled bicycle. Our pupils showed great interest, had lots of inquiring questions, and enjoyed the meeting very much.

Please visit the “Nowak’s Africa” website for more information at

Photo gallery from the visit.

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